New insights into thinking and problem solving associated with fatigue.
Implementation of application-oriented research in ADHD in children as well as in adolescents and adults.
Concepts must reach recipients
Meaningful in the diagnose of ADHD, depression, stress and Anxiety.
HBImed database, new version enables gender-specific diagnosis and treatment
Important is the certainty and clarity of the professional
The world's largest database for evoked potentials now even better!
Precise medical diagnostic of functions leads to a better understanding of human beeing
Arousal modulates thoughts, behaviour and feelings
Biomarkers/Neuroalgorithms as an additional Tool in clinical ADHD-Diagnoses
The comparison of the Arousal Index (AI) with VIGALL as a diagnostic tool in depression patients and healthy controls during resting-state EEG
Report for source localization module called “MUSIC”
Consideration of short-term memory and work behaviour in the measurement of evoked potentials as a diagnostic tool for the investigation of attention disorders (ADHD)
Generalized arousal as a measure modulating behavior, emotions and cognitions
The partially automated generation of reports is clinically validated
Talks on Biomarkers in Teheran, Nov. 2019
A project of the Brain and Trauma Foundation Graubünden
The basic mechanism of subtypes in depression
ADHD-Biomarker validation project