HBImed database version 3.0 web-based
The world's largest database for evoked potentials now even better!

The database enables an objectification of diagnostics in terms of precise medicine. This allows evidence-based statements to be made. The basis is formed by images of healthy children, adolescents and adults. Subjectivity in the diagnostic process should be a thing of the past. The database has the approval of both the European (CE Mark) and the US authorities (FDA).

HBImed Vers. 3 is now a significant update compared to the previous versions:

  • The entire process is web-based, i.e. customers control and monitor the analysis themselves.
  • The analysis of the data (EEG, evoked potentials) is semi-automated and leads to a technical report.
  • The report is designed to be customer-oriented, i.e. the customers determine which analyses are to be generated.
  • In total 1250 reference data (25% more than before),
  • exact age groups for 6-89 year olds
  • Gender dependent database for each age
  • Mapping of the information processing (new components)
  • Source analyses for normal evoked potentials
  • Arousal index and arousal modulation and central sensory index
  • database-specific theta/beta ratios
  • Comparisons with different patient groups (ADHD, emotion regulation)
  • functional network analysis


– Connectivity measurements, depending on the database,

– new additional patient group comparisons,

– Time-frequency database comparisons


annual report 2019
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Arousal-marker for inner restlessness

Biomarkers and diagnostics
Important is the certainty and clarity of the professional

Arousal a marker for inner restlessness
Arousal modulates thoughts, behaviour and feelings

Arousal a marker for inner restlessness
Generalized arousal as a measure modulating behavior, emotions and cognitions

Good treatment

From stew to gender-specific personalised medicine
HBImed database, new version enables gender-specific diagnosis and treatment

HBImed database version 3.0 web-based
The world's largest database for evoked potentials now even better!

Biomarkers in diagnostics and treatment
Precise medical diagnostic of functions leads to a better understanding of human beeing

Biomarker/Neuromarker in Children with ADHD
Biomarkers/Neuroalgorithms as an additional Tool in clinical ADHD-Diagnoses

Depression and Arousal
The comparison of the Arousal Index (AI) with VIGALL as a diagnostic tool in depression patients and healthy controls during resting-state EEG