Lecture tour by Dr. A. Müller in November 2019 in Tehran and Tabriz

In front of clinicians and scientists of the Atieh Clinic and the National Brain Mapping Institute in Tehran (Prof. Dr. Reza Rostami) and the University of Tabriz (East Azerbaijan Iran), Dr. Andreas Müller gave several lectures in November 2019 about possibilities and limitations of biomarkers in clinical work with mental disorders.

Atieh Clinic in Theran: Outpatient treatment for patients with mental disabilities

If you think Iran is a psychiatric developing country, you are far from it: highly modern equipment and a progressive patient-oriented attitude are evidence of a profound debate in the country. Biomarker orientation began relatively early and for some time now, intensive research has been underway into ways of using biological markers in everyday clinical work.

The exchange with leading scientists from the various university institutes in Iran and interested clinicians from all over the country in the course of lectures during 8 days shows where the development of a neuropsychiatric and neuropsychological disciplin could lead: through precise diagnostics to a personalized, evidence-based treatment that ultimately leads to verifiable personalized developments. Thereby, treatments aim at targeted changes in everyday strategies, supported by medication and instrumental approaches (neurocognitive and neuromotor behaviour modification (neurofeedback), magnetic and electrical stimulation). In addition, theories, methods and ideas were applied in everyday clinical practice at the Atieh Clinic in Tehran: in a modern interdisciplinary setting with a clinically high standard, patients were discussed and the corresponding treatments initiated.

Mother and Child with Autism