The new paper will be published this week, first feedback has already arrived.
The GTSG is making progress in brain research. The use of machine learning in an ADHD diagnosis system was accepted.
Teacher training on 12.03.19 in Laax, presentation as download
Lecture at teacher training on 19.03 at the BGS in Chur, presentation as download.
Andreas Müller gave an interview to the Südostschweiz newspaper
Arousal als neues Konzept in Diagnose und Behandlung
The first course Interpretation of the Tech Report was held on 4.1.2019.
On the occasion of the February session of the Churer Ärzteverein, Andreas Müller gives a lecture.
Dr. Andreas Müller will appear in a report of the ARD. Some impressions.
Dr. Andreas Müller answers your questions.
The past yearly reports to download
The yearly report 2017 is available for download
A project of the Brain and Trauma Foundation Graubünden
The basic mechanism of subtypes in depression
ADHD-Biomarker validation project
The data collection and data organization are completed
The integration project of the GTSG
MAS Beat Günther-Gartmann
Face recognition in ADHD children
ADHD-Biomarker validation project