Teheran from 11.-18.11.2018
Arousal als neues Konzept in Diagnose und Behandlung

A. Müller: Arousal as a new conecpt in Diagnoses and Treatment

GTSG researchers were invited to Tehran to present and discuss the various concepts of the GTSG for one week. Lectures in a private clinic in Tehran (Atieh Clinic) and at the University of Tehran (Institute for Cognitive Science Studies (ICSS), as well as at the University of Mashhad, a three day workshop in Tehran were as well received as two half days of patient contact at the private Atieh Clinic. The many contacts during the various events and the optimal cooperation with researchers and clinicians made the stay unforgettable.

Dekan of the University Mashhad, Andreas Müller

Many discussions with young research fellows


Zühlke and GTSG on the intelligence Health Summit 2019
Zühlke and GTSG show new models to enhance clinical diagnoses and treatment

Sardinia Workshop July 2019
Learning in a relaxed atmosphere with sport, workshop and culinary delights.

Annual Report Brain and trauma foundation 2018
Research - La Cumpogna - public outreach

ADHD-Biomarker paper published
Paper of the Brain and Trauma Foundation Grison has been published.

GTSG featured in local newspaper
Andreas Müller has been featured in the local newspaper "Südostschweiz"

Interpretation of tech reports
Course: Interpretation of tech reports

“This is a super paper” – First feedback on the paper
The new paper will be published this week, first feedback has already arrived.

Precise treatment for ADHD: Biomarkers in clinical practice
The GTSG is making progress in brain research. The use of machine learning in an ADHD diagnosis system was accepted.

Lecture at teacher training in Laax
Teacher training on 12.03.19 in Laax, presentation as download

Teacher training at the BGS
Lecture at teacher training on 19.03 at the BGS in Chur, presentation as download.