La Cumpogna – Adults
The integration project of the GTSG

Since the founding of the Brain and Trauma Foundation in Graubünden / Switzerland (2006), the foundation has consistently pursued the path of work-related integration of people with neurobiological abnormalities.

1 year ago, Angelica Tuor took on the integration tasks of the foundation with great commitment and appreciation. Together with the persons responsible for the disability insurance, new contracts of cooperation were negotiated. These contracts assigne to her various people who are to return to working life through integrative measures. The disability insurance is one of several clients. It is always about the question of how the possibilities of the humon can be made fruitful again for own development in the work area. In the annual reports, we report on individual cases in order to demonstrate that effective collaboration between medical, psychotherapeutic and socially inclusive workers can support vocational integration at the beginning of a lesson.

New this year is also the support of children with difficulties in special occasions in school. The Brain and Trauma Foundation, along with parents and school authorities, is looking for ways in which children’s school events can be made possible through the use of class assistance.


Biomarker Workshop 2021 ADHD and Depression/Bipolar Disorder
Biomarker workshop on ADHD and depression/bipolar Disorder: concepts, diagnosis and treatment in children and adults.

Treatment-relevant research in ADHS
Implementation of application-oriented research in ADHD in children as well as in adolescents and adults.

annual report 2019
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Arousal-marker for inner restlessness

Biomarkers and diagnostics
Important is the certainty and clarity of the professional

Arousal a marker for inner restlessness
Arousal modulates thoughts, behaviour and feelings

Arousal a marker for inner restlessness
Generalized arousal as a measure modulating behavior, emotions and cognitions

Vigilance and arousal as markers of health/disease.
New insights into thinking and problem solving associated with fatigue.

Arousal – Arousalmodulation – current operating status
What matters is activation over time

US Conference: Trauma -Evolution, Diagnosis and Treatment
HBImed database from practice for practice

Holistic diagnostics in ADHD
Brain functions as part of holistic diagnostics

Course: Biomarkers in practice
Brain functions as an integrative component of psychological-psychological diagnostics

Diagnosis/treatment of ADHS using the example of Michael Phelps
Giving security and clarity on the further path of life

Diagnostics and therapy of ADHS in children and adults
Introductory course in biomarker-oriented diagnostics

»Innovation goes public«
Concepts must reach recipients