Precise medical diagnostic of functions leads to a better understanding of human beeing
Arousal modulates thoughts, behaviour and feelings
Biomarkers/Neuroalgorithms as an additional Tool in clinical ADHD-Diagnoses
The comparison of the Arousal Index (AI) with VIGALL as a diagnostic tool in depression patients and healthy controls during resting-state EEG
Report for source localization module called “MUSIC”
Consideration of short-term memory and work behaviour in the measurement of evoked potentials as a diagnostic tool for the investigation of attention disorders (ADHD)
Generalized arousal as a measure modulating behavior, emotions and cognitions
The partially automated generation of reports is clinically validated
Mittelkberg-OY (D): Chefärztin: Felicitas Börner 14.3.2020 Speakers: Dr. Andreas Müller, Dr. med. Birgit Graf, Dr. med. […]
holistic view: systemic-psychological-biological
12.12.2019: Diagnostics and treatment in a holistic framework
Talks on Biomarkers in Teheran, Nov. 2019
The Biomarker Workshop 2019 is history. High interest of the participants and exciting discussions about biomarkers/neuromarkers/neuroalgorithms as […]
Zühlke präsentiert in Zusammenarbeit mit der GTSG die klinische Technologie für die Praxis der Zukunft
Zühlke and GTSG show new models to enhance clinical diagnoses and treatment
Learning in a relaxed atmosphere with sport, workshop and culinary delights.
Research - La Cumpogna - public outreach
Paper of the Brain and Trauma Foundation Grison has been published.
Andreas Müller has been featured in the local newspaper "Südostschweiz"