Scientific work of the GTSG/University of Zurich is published in a renowned journal.

The paper EEG/ERP-based biomarker/neuroalgorithms in adults with ADHD has been reviewed and accepted by The world journal of biological psychiatry.

This is a great success for the research of the Brain and Trauma Foundation Graubünden, by publishing the results of the research are internationally accepted and recognized.

EEG basic activity and the graphic representation of its individual frequencies

The system is based on machine learning: brain data from 181 adult ADHD patients and 147 healthy volunteers were recorded over two years. Based on this data, different algorithms could be developed which not only lead to accurate diagnoses, but also to more accurate treatment through further subtype analysis. The accuracy of the procedure is about 80%. Compared to the previous accuracy, this is an improvement of 20%.

The use of biomarkers/neuroalgorithms improves the diagnostic process by making it less subjective and therefore more reliable.