New course dates: Measurement of brain functions as an integral part of psychiatric-psychological diagnostics.
Objective Data as part of Diagnoses and Treatment

The previous experience of learning in a solid theoretical-practical setting with the goal of immediate applicability of the evidence-based measurement of brain functions encourages us to offer further courses. The target group are practitioners who want to apply the measurement of brain functions as part of a better understanding and treatment.

Course organization: theory in the morning, practical implementation in the afternoon using examples and patient data of the participants.

Place: Turnerstrasse 26, 8006 Zurich

Course management: Dr. Andreas Müller and the experts consulted

Costs: all course blocks 1200 sFR

Registration: by phone +41 (0)43 321 85 35

New course dates:

17.08.2020: Course part 1: Creating the Tech Report

14.09.2020: Course part 2: Being able to read raw data

12.10.2020: Course part 3: Spectral data and time-frequency analysis

26.10.2020: Course part 4: Evoked potentials

09.11.2020: Course part 5: Indexes

14.12.2020: Course part 6: Integration into clinical diagnostics and treatment


annual report 2019
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Arousal-marker for inner restlessness

Biomarkers and diagnostics
Important is the certainty and clarity of the professional

Arousal a marker for inner restlessness
Arousal modulates thoughts, behaviour and feelings

Arousal a marker for inner restlessness
Generalized arousal as a measure modulating behavior, emotions and cognitions

Good treatment

From stew to gender-specific personalised medicine
HBImed database, new version enables gender-specific diagnosis and treatment

HBImed database version 3.0 web-based
The world's largest database for evoked potentials now even better!

Biomarkers in diagnostics and treatment
Precise medical diagnostic of functions leads to a better understanding of human beeing

Biomarker/Neuromarker in Children with ADHD
Biomarkers/Neuroalgorithms as an additional Tool in clinical ADHD-Diagnoses

Depression and Arousal
The comparison of the Arousal Index (AI) with VIGALL as a diagnostic tool in depression patients and healthy controls during resting-state EEG