New insights after the examination by means of brain function analysis
The Biomarker Workshop 2019 is history. High interest of the participants and exciting discussions about biomarkers/neuromarkers/neuroalgorithms as […]
Zühlke präsentiert in Zusammenarbeit mit der GTSG die klinische Technologie für die Praxis der Zukunft
Zühlke and GTSG show new models to enhance clinical diagnoses and treatment
Learning in a relaxed atmosphere with sport, workshop and culinary delights.
Teacher training on 12.03.19 in Laax, presentation as download
Lecture at teacher training on 19.03 at the BGS in Chur, presentation as download.
Arousal als neues Konzept in Diagnose und Behandlung
On the occasion of the February session of the Churer Ärzteverein, Andreas Müller gives a lecture.
ADHD-Index: Neuroalgorithms in the diagnostic Process
Andrea Blunck in Madrid (Spain), November 2018