Biomarker Workshop 2019: Biomarkers in clinical diagnosis: How parts become a whole.

The Biomarker Workshop 2019 is history. High interest of the participants and exciting discussions about biomarkers/neuromarkers/neuroalgorithms as part of the diagnostic process.

Following Talks were part of the workshop:

Andreas Müller: “Biomarkers as a complement to conventional diagnostics: how parts become a whole”.

Michael Fischer: Neuromarkers and non-invasive brain stimulation (NIBS) in psychiatry.

Michael Fischer

Roland Kägi: Intuniv – Experiences and applications within case studies

Roland Kägi
ADHD Expert

Encouraged discussion during the event and the discussion session:

A. Müller, R. Kägi, M. Fischer

Conclusion: Interest in the use of biomarkers/neuromarkers in psychiatric-psychological and paediatric practice has increased greatly.


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Biomarker Workshop 2019: Biomarkers in clinical diagnosis: How parts become a whole.

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