Zühlke präsentiert in Zusammenarbeit mit der GTSG die klinische Technologie für die Praxis der Zukunft

The augmented intelligence model was designed by Zühlke and GTSG and is the model of the future for medical developments.

Trust in artificial intelligence is boundless. The aim is to replace experts and to transfer diagnoses/treatments to the algorithms. This calls into question the longstanding efforts of clinicians to provide adequate diagnosis/treatment. Together with Zühlke, the Brain and Trauma Foundation Graubünden has developed a model that combines the advantages of algorithms with the knowledge and skills of clinicians. This resulted in the model of augmented intelligence. The core of augmented intelligence is a constant interaction process between the data and the knowledge and skills of experts. Using the example of attention disorder, it is shown how both the diagnosis and the personalized treatment based on biology, behavior, emotions and cognitions can be continued. Patients receive treatment tailored to them more quickly (meaningful everyday strategies, meaningful medication, meaningful psychotherapeutic measures).

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