Andreas Müller of the Brain and Trauma Foundation, in conjunction with HBImed AG, has already presented the further development of the HBImed database and the related scientific work of the Brain and Trauma Foundation Graubünden in the run-up to this important conference.

New Horizon of reference database

The HBImed database is the only reference database worldwide that is already widely used in practical diagnostics on a gender-specific and age-related basis in connection with arousal, arousal modulation as well as in relation to patient groups (currently ADHD as well as emotion regulation) and has both European and FDA approval. The aim of the HBImed database is to make individual neurophysiological EEG/ERP data of patients usable in diagnostics, so that personalized treatment can be derived quickly and easily. In this context, (early childhood) trauma plays a significant role across all clinical pictures. The presentation is available online on the conference website: