ADHD-Biomarker paper published
Paper of the Brain and Trauma Foundation Grison has been published.

With the publication of the paper on biomarkers in ADHD, a first milestone was reached. There is currently no other work in this field that shows the way from the development of neuroalgorithms, to the measurement of their reliability over 2 years, to the practical use of the index. The values that we can present can be seen: The general separation index is clearly above 80%, sensitivity and specificity are about 80%. The reliability of the index is highly significant over two years. The results may well show that the use of biomarkers/neuroalgorithms as a complementary tool can contribute much to a good objective diagnosis. The work also makes a nice contribution to the topic of precise diagnosis/precise treatment.

The experiences with the use in clinical work are positive. Diagnoses remain clinical, biomarkers/neuroalgorithms are an additional aid in the diagnostic process. Experts benefit because there is a good decision-making aid quickly, patients benefit because diagnoses are more broadly based and therefore safer, and insurance companies benefit because their use leads to fewer idle times.

The paper can be bought on Taylor & Francis online.

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