One of the most controversial question is how depression, bipolarity and attention deficit disorders can be diagnosed with the inclusion of evidence-based methods and how they can be successfully treated.

Lutz Jäncke and Andreas Müller highlight useful theoretical and clinical concepts on ADHD and depression, Birgit Graf, child and adolescent psychiatrist, shows the complementary importance of biomarkers in children and adolescents, Michael Fischer, neuropsychiatrist, talks about the link between biomarkers and treatment strategies, especially TMS, and Dominique Eich, CH-ADHD expert and medical director of BrainARC-Zurich, reports on medication strategies for ADHD and depression/bipolarity.

Attendees: Specialists in psychiatry, psychotherapy, neurology, child and adolescent psychiatry and pediatrics; psychologists, neuropsychologists.

Date : 09.12.2021, Time: 13:30-17:30.

Place: Education Center of the University, Schaffhauser-Straße 228 or online via Zoom.

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